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Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment (E.L.I.E.) is a registered local non-government organization based in Mondulkiri, Cambodia. ELIE’s aim is to improve the health and welfare of the captive elephants in Mondulkiri Province, work to conserve the wild elephants natural habitat and to support the local people who work with these magnificent creatures.

ELIE was founded in 2006 and started by providing veterinarian care and mahout-orientated education to the families and communities that owned captive elephants throughout Mondulkiri province.

E.L.I.E runs a number of programs and projects in Mondulkiri to help achieve our goals, including an elephant research and monitoring program, mobile veterinarian program an indigenous community based organisation assistance program, and an ecotourism project that provides an alternative approach to elephant care, rehabilitation and conservation (The Elephant Valley Project).

ELIE’s office is based in the town of Sen Monorom and located next to the lake on the north-west side of town.

Vision Statement

ELIE’s Vision

“To improve the captive elephant’s health and welfare situation by the development of an elephant sanctuary while providing province-wide veterinary care and associated social support programs for the Bunong people.”


  1. To improve the health and welfare conditions of the captive elephant population of Mondulkiri
  2. To develop a sanctuary for working elephants to rest and retire to in Mondulkiri Province
  3. To conserve the wild elephants natural habitat
  4. To provide employment and job based training to the Bunong community and mahouts
  5. To support the local community to protect their forest and natural resources, the habitat of the elephants.
  6. To identify the main pressures on the community and their forest, and provide community support programs to alleviate these pressures.

Contact Management


  • Jack Highwood

    ELIE & EVP Founder and Deputy Director 
    – Elephant and conservation related queries
    – ELIE programs, Wild Elephant Conservation, land titling, healthcare and the elephant vet/monitoring program
    – EVP Fundraising and donations
    Email : elieoperations@gmail.com
    – Phone: +855 (0) 99 958 698

  • Jemma Bullock

    ELIE Program Manager 
    – Ecotourism, EVP group sales and partnership queries
    – Marketing and media enquiries
    Email: jemmabullock@gmail.com
    – Phone +855 (0) 99 436 354

  • Mailing

    If your sending snail mail please send to:

    ELIE & Elephant Valley Project
    ELIE House Svay Jek Village Sokhdom Commune
    Sen Monorom Mondulkiri CAMBODIA

    (Please be aware that snail-mail may take a considerable amount of time to reach us, if at all, and therefore there may be a considerable amount of time before we reply. If at all possible when contacting us by this method please be sure to include an email address or phone number contact.)

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