The Food is amazing! 

A fusion style lunch is included in all visits. Our unique group of lady chefs rustle up a fine fusion of Asian and Western meals each day.
Our open plan dining and lounge area are in the middle of the camp, with spectacular views over the valley.

All meals are prepared by our Bunong chefs and are delicious and plentiful. Meals depend on seasonal products available at the market, but include a wide variety of beef, pork, fish and vegetable dishes. A vegetarian option is available at all meals. For those staying for a couple of days dinner and breakfast is included as well.

Visitors and volunteers will enjoy a changing menu of curries, stir fry, rice, noodles, eggs, bread, and even the occasional treat of mashed potatoes or French toast! Every meal ends with a platter of fresh fruit.

We cook for Vegetarians, Vegans, and those of all dietary preferences! 

Our chefs are happy to accommodate any special dietary needs or requests. Please make sure you mention this to our booking manager upon getting in contact to ensure that the kitchen is prepared.

Free drinking water is readily available from the kitchen, you are welcome to refill your drinking bottle at any time.

Royal D, Soda and Beer is also for sale for those who like something a little stronger than water with their meals. 🙂