EVP Groups & Education Activities Coordinator

  • Description

    We are looking to fill the brand new position of Groups and Education Activities Coordinator here at the EVP. This new role will focus primarily on working and liaising with groups from all backgrounds, from schools to colleges to corporations, throughout their time visiting or volunteering at the project. Each of these groups expectations and programs will be different from one to the next, it will be your responsibility to tailor their program and create an itinerary that best suits their needs, educating them on the elephants, forest conservation and local community development programs. This may include organising and implementing extra activities such as night walks, team building games, educational talks and extra excursions dependent on the groups needs.

    At the same time you will be working closely with local guides, volunteer assistants and project assistants, helping to build their capacity on environmental education.

    During high season, you will also be expected to help lead the daily tour program working closely with local guides, engaging with visitors at a high standard in an interpretive manner about elephant welfare and conservation.

    But it doesn’t stop there. We believe education is key in order to conserve elephants for future generations, which is why you will be responsible for the creation of an educational program to bring local primary school children to the EVP on a monthly basis. You will also be responsible for creating materials for schools and colleges both abroad and in Cambodia. From organising a fundraising kit or presentations to primary school children. To assisting in weekly English classes for local staff at the EVP. This varied role will allow your passion for environmental education and conservation to flow with the space for new ideas, helping to expand not only the EVP, but ELIE as well.

    Staff are based in town of Sen Monorom, 12 km from the project. The work will be based primarily at the EVP, with all positions working 5 and ½ days per week – Sun afternoon to Friday afternoon. On alternate weeks this position is also required to stay onsite with the volunteers, this rotation is week on/week off with the volunteer coordinator. Lunch will be provided when working onsite and food/accommodation when required to stay onsite overnight.

    You will receive a local salary, which is more than enough to cover your living expenses while here. An initial commitment of 18 months is required or longer for the right person.

    We are looking for someone to start Mid January 2019.

  • Responsibilities

    • Meet and greet visitors & help with morning check in’s
    • Working alongside a local counterpart to conduct a groups tour program, educating visitors on the global and national elephant situation, forest conservation, the local indigenous community and ELIE/EVP projects
    • Provide other educational aspects such as talks, night walks and other activities
    • Engage with visitors during meal times
    • Actively pitch to new schools, colleges and companies for our groups program
    • Creation of educational materials for ELIE/EVP
    • Regular updates on social media regarding activities at the EVP
    • Week on/week off onsite living and night on-call duties
    • Other duties as required
  • Experience


    • Outdoor/environmental education, interpretive guiding or groups management background necessary for this position
    • Basic knowledge of conservation
    • Ability to work in a remote location with local counterpart staff
    • Please note there is a lot of hiking involved across tough terrain to get to the elephants, sometimes between 5-8km per day, whilst also talking to and engaging with visitors, therefore you will need to be fit, energetic and passionate about animal welfare and conservation.
    • Desire to learn new language and ability to work with local non-English speaking staff
    • Current first aid certificate (preferably field First aid/rescue situations)
    • Current driving License (manual trans)
    • You will need to be a bubbly, outgoing and resourceful person


    • You don’t need to have any real experience with elephants, as this will be all learnt on the job, however a keen interest in wildlife is essential.
    • Already have experience living or working in a developing country
    • Experience on an ecotourism project, voluntourism project or something similar would be an advantage.

    We envisage this position to be for someone that has a strong interest in environmental education, ecotourism, community development and conservation, who wants a start in an organization working overseas in this field.

To Apply

To apply email your CV and a cover letter stating why you want to come and work in the Cambodian jungle helping to save the Asian elephant! Quirkier answer the better!

Email: ELIECambodia. Manager@gmail.com

Application Deadline:  Late Nov 2018– Get your applications in quick! Start date is Mid to late Jan 2019.