End of Year Festive Fundraiser Raffle

Help us celebrate Sambo’s 60th birthday & 6 years of Retirement!

With everything going on this year, it’s sometimes hard to remember to celebrate the amazing milestones that are passing us by. This year we want to highlight one special lady – the amazing city diva – Miss Sambo the elephant. This year she is celebrating her 60th birthday and also 6 years of retirement here at the EVP!

When we finally negotiated for Sambo to retire to her forest home back in 2014, from the city of Phnom Penh, we were hopeful for her to be able to spend 5 years or so enjoying her new life. With her feet still incredibly painful and damaged from all her long years walking the streets, we were not sure how she would adapt to living in the forest or how many years we would have her for. Well she keeps going from strength to strength and surprising us all. Six years on and she has a beautiful relationship with another elephant Ruby, her feet have good and bad months but she roams the forest far and wide, with no signs of slowing down just yet.

This year she is also celebrating another massive milestone, her 60th birthday! Her family is pretty confident in estimating her age, and we were going to throw this magical lady a big birthday celebration this year, however Covid has dampened those plans.

Therefore, for this year’s end of year fundraiser, we thought we would focus our efforts on Sambo, funding her care and also helping us to continue to provide a space for these special elephants to retire to their natural forest home. Sambo really does epitomize why we do what we do, to give an animal a life of freedom after years of lard labour, is the ultimate gift. As we are struggling for funding, we need to again ask for help to get through this difficult time so we can continue to provide a place for elephants like Sambo.


Prize #1 – A week at EVP – Come & meet Sambo and all the ele’s!

Prize #2 – Special Sambo 2 Day/1 Night Visit

Prize #3 – Ele Package sent to your door

Donate Today – Travel Tomorrow!

In this season of giving, please consider buying Sambo a birthday donation present, or one of our other elephants a christmas donation present as well. In exchange you will go in the draw to win a fantastic prize and when the borders open and travel resumes you can come and spend time with the marvelous Sambo herself!

Every donation goes into the draw.

You can also donate on behalf of a loved one or as a present for someone this festive season, and give them the chance to win this fabulous prize. Just email us at evpbookings@gmail.com if you are donating and purchasing the tickets for someone else, and we can send you a gift voucher as well 🙂

Get your donations in now and the winner will be drawn on Christmas day!

Donations of $25-50 – receive 1 entry
Donations of $50-$100 – receive 2 entries
For every $100 above this that you donate you get an additional 3 entries into the draw!


Sambo’s Birthday Donations

$25 = 12 bundles of sugarcane/or 2 days worth for Sambo
$50 = 100 hands of bananas/or 6 days worth for Sambo
$75 = 75 kg of pumpkin/or 15 days worth for Sambo
$100 =  3 x 10L Iodine bottles/or 3 weeks worth for Sambo
$200 = 120 banana trees/or 2 weeks worth for Sambo
$300 = Sambo’s mahout Sophals base salary for one month
$400 = Bunong research and vet assistant base salary for one month, helping to care for Sambo and also all the elephants around the province
$500 = One months compensation to Sambo’s family
$750 =  Critical rice compensation for the use of the community forest for one month, the home of the elephants
$1000 = Full months food package for Sambo – all bananas, sugarcane, pumpkins, watermelons, papayas, banana trees, tamarind and love for sambo for a month!



Sambo Birthday Donation

What about the other eles?

If you love some of our other ladies or our big boy Hen, you can help by donating christmas support presents to them as well!

$25 = 50kg of tamarind for the ele’s / 10 days worth for all eles
$50 = 100kg bag of rice for Ning Wan / 2 weeks worth
$75 = A week’s worth of fuel to get the mahouts out to the elephants
$100 = 2 weeks worth of cucumbers for Ning Wan
$200 = Can fuel the EVP vehicle for one month – transporting all the food to our lovely elephants everyday
$300 = One months compensation for Gee Chrengs family
$400 = 2 weeks worth of sugarcane for all the other ele’s
$500 = 2 Months worth of medicine and general elephant care for the whole sanctuary
$750 = Salaries for Mobile Vet Team for one month
$1000 = a full weeks set of wages for all mahouts at EVP

Ele Xmas Donation

NOTE – you can pay on PayPal with your credit card or log in if you have a PayPal account

What’s Included

Prize #1 – A week at EVP – Come and meet Sambo and all the other ele’s!
– 1 week volunteer placement at Elephant Valley Project Cambodia for 2 people (5 nights/5days), in one of our private bungalows
– 1st night accommodation in Phnom Penh on arrival and airport pick up
– Return transfers from the capital in Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri
– Accommodation on final night in Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri
– T-shirt x 2
– Special Sambo poster
Note – not included are flights to Cambodia or any other costs in country
Prize Valued at $1300

Prize #2 – Special Sambo Visit
– 2 Day/1 Night package specially focused on Sambo for 2 people, staying in one of our private bungalows.
– T-shirt x 2
– Special Sambo poster
Note – not included are flights to Cambodia or any other costs in the country. Must make your own way to Mondulkiri.
Prize Valued at $350

Prize #3 – Ele Postal Package
– Special Sambo poster
– Your own hand carved wooden elephant from the local mahouts and a Camboknits Elephant toy.
– EVP stickers
– Postage
Prize valued at $50