Our Team

Local Board of Directors

ELIE is a local registered Cambodian NGO, this means we are governed by a local board.

  • Mr. Koy Veasna
    Board Director – Lawyer
  • Mr. Cheng Sophal
    Deputy Board Director – From ICC
  • Mr. Chhum Sakhorn
    Board Member – From ICSO
  • Mr. Touch Shina
    Board Member – Gov. Education Department
  • Mr. Kong Am
    Board Member – From MVI

Head Honchos

Our team is spear headed by these three workaholics, who have been here forever and keep the entire show running 24/7 – 365 days a year!

  • Khun Diyon – ELIE Director
  • Jack Highwood – Founder and ELIE Deputy Director
  • Chhaeul Plouk- EVP Co-Founder, Head Mahout and Bunong Staff Manager
  • Jemma Bullock – ELIE Program Manager

Paper Pushers

The skilled ELIE office staff that keep the whole machine well oiled and running!

  • Gheam Phounda – Finance Officer
  • Khiev Maly – Finance Assistant
  • Maryna Yorn – Administrative Officer
  • Thim – Cleaner

Community Programs

Our staff that oversees our community health and development programs in the local villages.

  • Sareth Srev – Community Program Officer

Ground Crew

The core of EVP and the people you will interact with most when you come for a visit!

  • Chris Iverson – Project Manager
  • Chhat Pounlok – Project Assistant Manger
  • Joel Roberts – Forest and Elephant Interpreter
  • Kherl Touern – Head Forest and Elephant Guide
  • Plil Tonh – Forest and Elephant Guide
  • Sach Bros – Forest and Elephant Guide
  • Guusje Jaspers – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Soel Phouk – Volunteer Assistant & Forest Guide

Hefalump Homies

The staff at the Ecotourism Hub in Sen Monorom, handling the behind the scenes nerdy stuff that keeps EVP functioning and relevant and of course all your cake and coffee needs!

  • Shalee Crandall – Ecotourism and Communications Coordinator
  • Troung Nan – Cafe Supervisor
  • Chru Srey Tsi – Cafe Assistant

Vet and Research Team

The staff that keeps elephants healthy and happy at EVP, and provide support for elephants and their owners across Mondulkiri Province!

  • Yel Chan – Elephant Researcher and Vet Assistant
  • Cheng Heir – Counterpart Veterinarian from Ministry of Agriculture


Our skilled professional elephant caretakers, these individuals are the core of our sanctuary and have a deep conneciton with each elephant.

  • Chhaeul Plouk – Head Mahout – Bunong Manager – EVP Co-founder
With our main group of eles, and an every expanding herd coming in for rest and recuperation, we now have an awesome team of core mahouts and are training new guys each year. The team is now 16 strong:
  • Mahouts: Chroed Da, Sraeum Noeun, Yel Yan, Sraeum Yel, Sak Pros, Pyer Sophea, Om Sophorl, Mre Thil, Dav Sroun, Chheol Thouk, Ne Soch, Phrach Den, Blav Thouen, Chroeb Vy, Pluk Nek, Krat Mlo.

Forest Protection

In partnership with Wildlife Conservation Society, the rangers and community work together on forest protection and outreach programs.

  • Chhat Pounlok – Project Assistant Manager
  • Government and Community Forest Rangers

Lovely Cleaners

We could not keep the EVP running without these hardworking wonderful ladies. Often with children in two these girls keep things shiny for visitors!

  • Soel Pjouk – Head Cleaner
  • Cleaners – Yin Chantear, Chroeb Thy, Yan Rai, Soel Nhouk, Marouen Molida, Soel Book, Noeun Niem, Prach Yoy

Master Cooks

The true heroes of the EVP for many, the talented kitchen staff who deliver culinary miracles day in and day out!

  • Chray Keahun – Head Cook
  • Cooks – Saron Krak, Chenda Phorn, Sareth Ngeth, Sareth Sok, Soel Bhouk

Da Boys!

A motley crew we refer to as “Da Boys”; these guys keep EVP and ELIE standing. Our maintenance staff, gardeners, driver, and all around handymen!

  • Day Boys: Chroeb Pha, Pjean Pli, Pjean Reat, Tan Somrech, Touc Sovandy, Reat Ngav, Pye Chhut, Preal Rakaim